St Bride’s Anglican Church (Greyfriars)

The familiar figure of poet Robert Burns in front of St Bride's
The familiar figure of poet Robert Burns in front of St Bride’s

Where we are

Saint Bride’s Anglican Church (Greyfriars), Church Crescent, Dumfries DG1
Charity Number SC040685

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Parson: The Reverend Andrew Crosbie
Trustees: The Reverend Andrew Crosbie, Mr Thomas Ormond, Anne Lindsay
PVG Co ordinator: Anne Lindsay

Phone 07791 540 535

Regular Worship

Sung Mass every Sunday at 11.30hrs. There is normally a Daily Mass see noticeboard for times and details. The times of Mass for major Festivals can be found on our website.

Mission and Ministry

Forward in Faith
Forward in Faith

We, the congregation dedicated to Saint Bride and worshipping in Greyfriars Church, Dumfries, are a Forward in Faith church. We are part of the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. We affirm the Faith of the Church as revealed in Scripture and Tradition. We proclaim our faith through the Creeds, the Sacraments and the apostolic ministry of bishops and priests of the universal church of God. We are building a guaranteed ecclesial structure in which we can pass the faith onto children and grandchildren. We have a vision for unity and truth and we are going forward in faith.

When the new religion doctrines of the ordination of women to the priesthood and epsicopate, lay celebration and simulation of the Sacraments by non-ordained persons were adopted by the Scottish Episcopal Church, no provision was made for those who wished to adhere to the historic faith of the Church. At Saint Bride’s, the worship is traditional and is conducted by validly and regularly ordained male Anglican priests according to traditional rites.

We welcome all Christians at our worship. If you wish to receive Holy Communion please speak to Father Andrew or the Celebrant prior to the service. We do not operate a policy of open communion. We believe in participating as fully as possible with Christians of other traditions. We believe that this can best be done by an open and honest acceptance of the real and actual differences between traditions.

Greyfriars is the historic town church of Dumfries. The church is available to Trinitarian Christians of other traditions to use for baptisms, weddings, funerals and ecumenical worship.

A picture of the interior of St Brides (Greyfriars)
Inside St Bride’s


The history of Greyfriars as a place of Christian worship stretches back into the very roots of our town. The Abbey Church of the Grey Friars was a place of worship and pilgrimage. It contained the Shrine of Our Lady, Queen of the South, from which the town and football team obtained their names. The Blessed John Duns Scotus was ordained in the Abbey church. Robert the Bruce committed murder before its High Altar.

In earlier times the site of the present church was occupied by the Maxwells Castle of Dumfries. The Abbey Church stood across the road near the site of the shops. The first town church of Dumfries was completed in 1727 on the site of the Castle. This church soon became known by the name Greyfriars.

The present church, completed in the 1860s, remained the property of the people of Dumfries until it was seized by the Church of Scotland in 1925 under the Burgh and Town Churches Act. In 2004 The Church of Scotland closed Greyfriars as a place of worship.

Queen of the South

In 2009 Greyfriars was purchased by the Reverend Andrew Crosbie. The Church is now owned by the Anglican congregation of St Bride, a Forward in Faith Congregation who meet regularly for traditional Anglican worship. The congregation have furnished the church for Christian worship and restored the Shrine of Our Lady, Queen of the South.

The Town bell which hangs in the tower of Greyfriars (cast by William Evans of Chepstow in 1744) still calls the people of Dumfries to prayer three times every day and to curfew every evening just before 8 p.m.

Reg Charity No. SC040685